AMAN FLORA SDN BHD – Sewerage Division was established since 1988 under Kannal Group of Companies as services provided specializing in sewerage maintenance and general engineering works. Over 15 years we have been servicing sewerage maintenance ranging from industrial to marine industries satisfying customers and building a reputation for its quality and reliability.

AMAN FLORA SDN BHD was incorporated with one vision in mind to become leading sewerage maintenance Company in Malaysia by providing value added services through continuous innovation; offering quality sewerage and sanitary engineering solution to satisfying customers.

A strong services workforce and continuous innovation have established country wide sewerage and sanitary engineering network which gained its reputation by offering highest quality product and providing value-added services to suit most customers’ demand.

AMAN FLORA SDN BHD – Sewerage Division currently operating from factory building in Pandamaran, Port Klang, Selangor. The factory cum office serves as a nerve center for sales and marketing of our services. Our team superb engineering and technology innovation, combined with Company’s philosophy of satisfying customer with excellent services form the embodiment of solidarity for the success of sewerage maintenance and sanitary engineering in Malaysia.

AMAN FLORA SDN BHDas licensed sewerage services contractor will be team player to facilitate customer needs.

AMAN FLORA SDN BHD is registered with Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia (MOF), Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara (SPAN), Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) and Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia (CIDB).


We carry out Periodical Services Maintenance of Sewerage Treatment Plant – IMHOFF System, HI-KLEEN System, Extended Aeration System, RB Screen System, Oxidation Pond System and all other type of Sewerage Treatment Plant. This inclusive of check and servicing of followings:

  1. Check and clean incoming pump sump and effluent pump sump.
  2. Septic / settlement tank desludging, disinfected and clean tanks as per IWK requirement.
  3. Inspection and cleaning of filter bed, filtration medium, scum skimmer and basket screen.
  4. Check and issue service report of condition of all pipelines, butterfly valves, pneumatic valves, diffuser, motor and pump.
  5. Check and clean all pipe blockages 200 bar hydro jetter.
  6. Check, services and clean grease trap as required.
  7. Propose and carry out sewer line cleaning as required.
  8. Proposed and carry out sludge and dewatering pump overhaul and motor rewinding, upgrading as required.
  9. Check, clean and service panel board as required.
  10. Provide vacuum truck for any desludging works.

a) New construction or upgrading existing of sewerage treatment plant as IWK requirement.

  1. Carry out earthwork as required and install pump sump.
  2. Construction of pump room to accommodate sludge pump motor, compressor and dewatering pump as required.
  3. Fabricate and lying of sewer line and outlet pipes as per IWK requirement.
  4. Fabricate and install septic tank, buffer panel, wavy plate, grease trap, manholes, inspection holes, distribution dipper, diffuser, air pipe and any other civil work related to sewerage treatment plant.
  5. Fabricate and install new pumps, motor, electrical panel board as required.
  6. Carry out painting jobs, grass cutting, road works and steel fabrication and installation jobs.

b) Other jobs related to Sewerage Treatment Plant Maintenance:

  1. Check and services all kinds of sludge and dewatering pumps.
  2. Carry out complete plan maintenance system for yearly contract basis.
  3. Upgrading Indah Water Sewage Pond and Sewerage Treatment Plant.
  4. Toilets and washrooms hygienic services.
  5. Rental of normal and executive type portable toilet.
  6. Surface cleaning and land shaping.
  7. Supplying all spares and equipments related to Sewerage Treatment Plan.

We offer a round the clock services to our clients and please feel free to contact your nearest AMAN FLORA SDN BHD offices for any sewerage maintenance and sanitary engineering. AMAN FLORA SDN BHD endeavor to provide you with reliable and blockage free solutions at all time.


Tel: (603) 03 – 3324 6797 /1461/03-3322 1863

Fax: (603) 3323 1655

Aman Flora in brief

Aman Flora Sdn Bhd is a Sewerage Maintenance and Waste Management company which was established in 2003 under Kannal Group of Companies as service provider specialized in maintenance and general engineering works. For over 12 years, we have been servicing sewerage and waste, ranging from industrial to marine industries, satisfying customers and building a reputation for quality and reliability.

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