• sewerage maintenance
  • sustainable disposal
  • waste management
  • waste as a resource
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Sewerage Division


AMAN FLORA SDN BHD – Sewerage Division was established since 1988 under Kannal Group of Companies as services provided specializing in sewerage maintenance and general engineering works. Over 20 years we have been servicing sewerage maintenance ranging from industrial to marine industries satisfying customers and building a reputation for its quality and reliability.


Waste Management


AMAN FLORA SDN BHD – Waste Management Services Department was established on 3rd April, 2003 under Kannal Group of Companies specializing in Waste Disposal Services. Over the past 10 years, we have specialized in Waste Management Services ranging from commercial & industrial waste to scrap metal & recycling and liquid sludge removal which has attributed to its


Our Services


A strong services workforce and continuous innovation have established Aman Flora as the country wide sewerage and sanitary engineering network which gained its reputation by offering highest quality product and providing value-added services to suit most customers’ demand.

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Our Main Services

gear Periodical Services Maintenance of Sewerage Treatment Plant
gear New construction or upgrading existing of sewerage treatment plant
gear Other jobs related to Sewerage Treatment Plant Maintenance
gear Round the clock Maintenance Services
gear Commercial and Industrial Waste Removal
gear Supplier and rental of Waste Containers
gear Waste Minimization Management
gear Mechanical & Engineering Works